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Contacts and reservations

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Katunishte, Kotel

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The River Neykovska passes the south part of the village which is not populated. The picturesque sights Lisichi Dol, Valkov Chair, Srednoryaka and many others are situated round the village.

The Bulgarian voyvoda, Kara Tanas, who lived in 18th century, was born here. His home is preserved in the village but there is no more information about him. The village has always been populated by Orthodox people. You can see there “St. Trinity” church which was built in 19th century.

The village is a national architectural reserve. Many of the houses are built in the style of the Bulgarian Revival period. These are houses constructed from wood and stone. Most of them are bought by people living in Sliven, Burgas and Yambol. Many companies have their holiday homes there. At the moment there are a few hotels, in fact these are eco-houses.

A big house for eco-tourism with a tavern, a café and shops is to be finished soon.The village is a home place not only of Kara Tanas voyvoda, but of the well-know Bulgarian authors such as Dimitar Gundov and Stanka Pencheva. The house of the Penchevi is now the house of the Union of Architects in Bulgaria.
Katounishte has a wonderful scenery, fresh air, romantic places, beautiful river, mountain landscapes, huge meadows. It is a typical Bulgarian mountainous village for recreation.


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